Six / Five Fan Blades Portable Drum Fan
The Portable Drum Fan is a highly efficient ventilation and cooling equipment, specifically designed for factory and workshop environments. It features a flexible mobile design, allowing for quick adjustments in position according to work needs, and introduces fresh cold air to create circulation that expels hot air outdoors.
Six Fan Blades Portable drum fan




Indoor & Outdoor

Manufacturing Workshop, Warehouses and Logistics Centers

Gyms and Sports Centers, Large Retail Stores and Supermarkets

Indoor Sports Arenas, Open-air Markets, Construction Sites






Equipped with pulleys, easy to move between different work areas, plug and play.

Suitable for a variety of environments. In addition to cooling, it can also be used for air quality control, such as removing smoke, dust, etc.

Provides efficient cooling while consuming less energy.

Simple design allows for daily cleaning and maintenance, extending service life.


Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) Rated Power  Voltage/Frequency AirFlow Noise Blade MAX(RPM) Diameters Weight
HSD-Y1900 2080 630 1970 260 950W 110-415V/50-60Hz 1200m3/min = 42377 CFM ≤48 dB 6 pcs 280 1.9M(74inch) 137.1kg
HSD-Y1500 1750 630 1650 260 950W 110-415V/50-60Hz 720m3/min = 25426 CFM ≤48 dB 6 pcs 400 1.5M(57inch) 103kg
HSD-Y1200 1330 575 1380 260 600W 110-415V/50-60Hz 420m3/min = 14832 CFM ≤50 dB 5 pcs 450 1.2M(47inch) 70kg
HSD-Y900 970 550 1100 260 500W 110-415V/50-60Hz 280m3/min = 16800 CFM ≤50 dB 5 pcs 700 0.9M(37inch) 57.2kg

Main Components

1. Silent and high-quality three-phase asynchronous motor.
2. Motor housing is made of aluminum alloy through diecasting.
3. Reduces temperature rise and increases motor lifespan.

Drive System

1. It adopts frequency conversion controller to accurately control the speed.
2. Controller can smoothly adjust the speed, reducing start-stop impact and extending equipment lifespan.
3. Variable frequency speed regulation is suitable for different working conditions and application scenarios.
4. The speed can be reduced under low load or light load conditions, thereby reducing energy consumption and achieving energy saving goals.

Control System

1. Trailing edge of the fan blades adopts the same silent airfoil tips as HVLS fans.
2. Blade profile is calculated using simulation software to obtain the optimal cross-section.
3. Connected with reinforced aluminum alloy structures to prevent blade detachment.
4. Made of magnesium-aluminum alloy material, which provides excellent aerodynamic performance.

Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades

1. High-tensile steel wire protective net, coated with anti-rust paint.
2. Prevent foreign objects or fingers from entering the working range of the fan to prevent injury to people.

Safety Components

1. Easily move the fan by gently pushing it.
2. The caster are equipped with a brake device, securely locking the position.



Factory Case

Fans are placed on factory assembly lines to cool down workers.

Install Bracket and Package

After installing the protective bracket on the fan, prepare it for shipping.

Wooden Package

After taking the fan apart, place it in a wooden box and prepare it for shipping.

Indoor Case

Place a fan indoors to circulate air.