Six / Five Fan Blades Wall Mount Fan
Maximize comfort with our sleek wall-mounted fan, With their space-saving design, powerful airflow, adjustable multi-speed settings, and low-noise operation, wall-mounted fans are ideal for modern factories and offices.





Manufacturing Workshop, Warehouses and Logistics Centers

Gyms and Sports Centers, Large Retail Stores and Supermarkets

Indoor Sports Arenas, Open-air Markets



Adjustable Direction

Energy Efficient

Easy Maintenance

Adjustable Speed

Mounted on the wall, which doesn't take up floor space

Allows for direction adjustment, offering even cooling

Consumes less electricity compared to air conditioning systems

Easy to install and maintain

Features adjustable speed and a timer function


Model Rated Power Voltage/Frequency Diameters Max Airvolume RPM Noise Blades Weight
HSD-Q1500 950W 110-415V/50-60Hz 1500mm 43200m3/h 400 ≤65dB 6 pcs 105kg
HSD-Q1200 500W 110-415V/50-60Hz 1200mm 25200m3/h 450 ≤65dB 5 pcs 92kg
HSD-Q900 500W 110-415V/50-60Hz 900mm 16800m3/h 700 ≤70dB 5 pcs 80kg

Main Components

High Energy Efficiency: Permanent magnet brushless motors are generally more energy efficient because they reduce energy losses and do not require the brushes and commutators found in traditional motors.
Longer Lifespan: The absence of brush friction and wear typically extends the lifespan of these motors beyond that of brushed motors.
Low Maintenance: Brushless motors reduce the need for maintenance and replacement due to brush wear.
Better Torque Control: Brushless motors provide more precise speed and torque control, allowing the fan's air volume to be finely adjusted.
Compact Design: The motor is designed to be compact and lightweight, reducing the size and weight of the fan.

Drive System

Aerodynamic Design: The fan blades are designed into an aerodynamic shape to cut air efficiently, providing stronger wind power and better cooling effect.
Energy Saving: Optimized blade design can deliver the required cooling effect with lower energy consumption, helping to save energy.
Durability: Blades are typically made from sturdy and durable materials that resist wear over long-term use.

Reinforced Fan Blades

Perforated Design; The multiple holes on the rod offer flexible mounting options, allowing the user to adjust the fan's position and angle as needed.
Robust Structure: The thick material of the rod and sturdy bolts ensure a secure and durable mount.
Easy Installation: The straightforward design makes for a quick and easy installation process.
Adaptability: It is suitable for various wall materials and can be used in multiple settings.
Load Capacity: The structural strength is high, capable of supporting heavier fans, ensuring stability.

Adjustable connecting rod

Large Diameter: The fan's large diameter design offers a powerful airflow coverage, effectively ventilating a broad area.
Protective Grille: The protective grille not only provides safety from the rotating blades but also enhances the overall durability.

Fan Drum

High-tensile steel wire protective net, coated with anti-rust paint. Prevent foreign objects or fingers from entering the working range of the fan to prevent injury to people.

Safety Components

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures. We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.