Commercial Stand Fan
The standing ceiling fan combines style and efficiency, perfect for outdoor spaces, offering quiet operation and customizable lighting for a modern, eco-friendly solution. Designed to provide air circulation solutions for spacious areas. Ideal for commercial settings and large living spaces, its high-capacity blade design ensures maximum air distribution while its low-speed operation guarantees a quiet and comfortable environment.
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Commercial Spaces

Indoor Sports Arenas

Transportation Hubs

Indoor & Outdoor

Large shopping malls, Supermarkets and retail stores, Exhibition centers

Sports stadiums, Swimming pools, Indoor sports facilities

Docks and piers, Airport terminals, Train stations and subway stations

Indoor Sports Arenas, Open-air Markets, Construction Sites


High Efficiency

Low Noise

Stable Structure


Energy-saving features make the fan Eco-Friendly and can help lower operating costs.

Due to its low-speed operation, the fan can provide effective air circulation

Standing design and base structure ensure that the fan remains stable even when operating at high speeds.

Modern design makes it easier to use in commercial open spaces.


Model Rated Power Rated Voltage Max Airvolume Diameters RPM Noise Blades Weight
LSFS-S4280 1000W 220V 234000m3/h 4280mm 90 ≤40dB 6 pcs 245kg
LSFS-S3680 750W 220V 204000m3/h 3680mm 95 ≤40dB 6 pcs 242kg

Main Components

High Efficiency: High-Energy PMSM provides more performance at lower power consumption and saves electricity.
Low Maintenance: Due to their construction and operating principles, PMSM generally have a longer service life.
Compact Design: PMSM are generally smaller and lighter than conventional motors of equivalent power.
Durable and Reliable: Due to its high efficiency, PMSM generates less heat while operating, helping to reduce cooling requirements

Drive System

Aluminum alloy material: Simulated Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades with High-performance aluminum alloy material.
Airfoil-Shaped: Wing-shaped, fan blades ensure the fan’s effectiveness.
Durable and reinforced: Built-in reinforcement, split rib and full rib combination.

Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades

Multi-Speed Adjustment: Supports multiple fan speed settings to meet different environmental needs.
Energy-Efficient: Designed for efficient energy utilization, reducing electricity costs.
Easy Installation: Simple and straightforward installation steps to minimize installation complexity.

Control System

Sturdy Support: Broad base design offers strong support, ensuring stability during fan operation.
Low Center of Gravity: The low center of gravity of the base helps prevent the fan from tipping over, increasing safety.
Anti-Vibration Design: The base include shock-absorbing design to minimize vibrations during operation, extending the life of the equipment.
Visually Appealing: Distinctive colors and designs are not only functional components, but also part of the outdoor decoration.

Base Structure

Customizability: The style of the lamps can be customized, allowing users to choose according to their preferences or interior decor needs.
Functional and Decorative: In addition to providing necessary illumination, these lamps also add decorative value to the fan.

Customizable Lamp

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.

We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.