IE4 PMSM Industrial Ceiling Fan
This professionally designed industrial large fan adopts advanced permanent magnet brushless motor technology, providing excellent performance and sustainable operation. Whether it is a large factory, logistics warehouse, agricultural greenhouse, or commercial space. our permanent magnet brushless motor industrial large fan can deliver outstanding cooling effects, offering a comfortable airflow coverage. The fan's power core is equipped with an IE4 ultra-high efficiency permanent magnet brushless motor. The permanent magnet brushless motor is known for its high efficiency and low noise, ensuring smoother and quieter fan operation. This advanced motor technology has excellent energy conversion efficiency, providing powerful airflow even at lower power, thus saving energy and ensuring long-lasting fan operation.
IE4 Industrial Ceiling Fan


Manufacturing Areas

Commercial Spaces

Indoor Sports Arenas

Transportation Hubs

Factory workshops, Production lines, Manufacturer, Warehousing facilities

Large shopping malls, Supermarkets and retail stores, Exhibition centers

Sports stadiums, Swimming pools, Indoor sports facilities

Docks and piers, Airport terminals, Train stations and subway stations


Magnet Material

Drive System

Control System

Blade Design

Use of high-efficiency permanent magnet materials Neodymium-Iron-Boron, increasing motor efficiency.

Using the new generation IE4 permanent magnet synchronous brushless motor

The frequency conversion control box can control the speed more accurately.

Utilize aerodynamic designs to ensure efficient airflow and reduce noise levels

Size Information


Model Rated Power Voltage / Frequency AirVolume RPM Blades Blade Diameter Weight
HSD-7.3A 1.5/2.0KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 13800 m3/min = 487342 CFM 50 6 pcs 7.3M(24') 179kg
HSD-6.1A 1.5/2.0KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 11200 m3/min = 395524 CFM 60 6 pcs 6.1M(24') 170kg
HSD-5.5A 1.1/1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 9200 m3/min = 324894 CFM 65 6 pcs 5.5M(18') 160kg
HSD-4.6A 1.1/1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 7600 m3/min = 268391 CFM 65 6 pcs 4.9M(16') 152kg
HSD-4.3A 1.1/1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 6000 m3/min = 221888 CFM 75 6 pcs 4.3M(14') 147kg
HSD-4A 0.5/0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 4855 m3/min = 171452 CFM 85 6 pcs 4.0M(13') 50kg
HSD-3.5A 0.5/0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 3755 m3/min = 132606 CFM 95 6 pcs 3.5M(11') 48kg
HSD-3A 0.5/0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 2755 m3/min = 97291 CFM 105 6 pcs 3.0M(10') 46kg
HSD-2.5A 0.5/0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 1915 m3/min = 67627 CFM 115 6 pcs 2.5M(8') 44kg

Main Components

1. New generation IE4 high-energy PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) provides more performance at lower power consumption and saves electricity.
2. Due to their construction and operating principles, PMSM generally have a longer service life and higher reliability than conventional motors.
3. PMSM are generally smaller and lighter than conventional motors of equivalent power. This makes ceiling fan design more flexible and easier to install.
4. Due to its high efficiency, PMSM generates less heat while operating, helping to reduce cooling requirements and extend motor life.

Drive System

1. Optimized rotor and stator structures ensure that the rotor and stator are designed to minimize energy loss and improve efficiency.
2. Lightweight design, few parts, convenient and easy installation.
3. Including overload protection, short circuit protection and other safety measures to ensure user safety.
4. Aerodynamic optimization, the blade design considers aerodynamics to provide maximum air volume and minimum noise.
5. Choose lightweight and durable materials to reduce the burden on the motor and extend its service life.


1. Well-designed chassis wheel can effectively absorb and reduce vibrations generated during operation and reduce the impact on the suspended ceiling.
2. The chassis wheel provides the main support point of the ceiling fan, ensuring the stability and safety of the ceiling fan during operation.
3. Designed for ease of installation, making the installation process of ceiling fans easier and faster

Chassis Wheel

1. Simulated Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades with High-performance aluminum alloy material.
2. Wing-shaped fan blades ensure the fan’s effectiveness.
3. Built-in reinforcement, split rib and full rib combination.

Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades

1. Independently designed to prevent falling, scattering, and shaking, and various other structures.
2. Ensure tolerances and dynamic balance are within the normal range.
3. 20-year reliable lifespan design.

Secure Fixing Ring

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.

We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.



Production Line Installation Case

IE4 permanent magnet ceiling fans are installed in semi-open production lines to establish air circulation and make the space cooler.

Heat Source Cooling Case

IE4 permanent magnet ceiling fan is installed above the heat source to locally cool down the mechanical equipment.

Warehouse Installation Case

Install ceiling fans to provide airflow in tight spaces within the warehouse.

6m High Flat-Floor Factory Installation Case

Ceiling fans can also be installed in flat-floor factory workshops with a height of 5-7m to increase air circulation.