NORDL Industrial Ceiling Fan
This professionally designed HVLS industrial ceiling fans is equipped with high-quality Nord decelerator (reducer), providing excellent performance and reliable operation. Whether it is a high and large-sized factory, agricultural greenhouse, logistics warehouse. or commercial space, our industrial large fan can easily handle it, providing a comfortable airflow coverage. Nord reducer is renowned for its outstanding performance and durability, ensuring smooth and stable operation of the fan. The reducer's superior design reduces kinetic energy loss, effectively saving energy costs, and guaranteeing the fan's long-term operation. The fan's core is equipped with the Nord reducer, driving a large-diameter fan with a high torque, resulting in low noise operation, and maintenance-free, ensuring a quiet and efficient working environment.
NORDL Industrial Ceiling Fan


Manufacturing Areas

Commercial Spaces

Indoor Sports Arenas

Transportation Hubs

Factory workshops, Production lines, Manufacturer, Warehousing facilities

Large shopping malls, Supermarkets and retail stores, Exhibition centers

Sports stadiums, Swimming pools, Indoor sports facilities

Docks and piers, Airport terminals, Train stations and subway stations



Drive System

Blade Design

Dust Resistance

Use high-strength, corrosion-resistant metals, to ensure the fan's structural integrity and long-term durability.

Equip with high-efficiency IE3 motors + NORD decelerator

Utilize aerodynamic designs to ensure efficient airflow and reduce noise levels

Employ sealed designs for the motor and internal mechanical components to prevent the impact of dust and moisture on fan operation

Size Information


Model Rated Power Voltage / Frequency AirVolume RPM Blades Blade Diameter Weight
HSD-7300 1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 13800 m3/min = 487342 CFM 55 6 pcs 7.3M(24') 140kg
HSD-6700 1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 13000 m3/min = 459090 CFM 55 6 pcs 6.7M(21') 135kg
HSD-6100 1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 12100 m3/min = 427307 CFM 75 6 pcs 6.1M(20') 130kg
HSD-5500 1.5KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 11200 m3/min = 395524 CFM 75 6 pcs 5.5M(18') 125kg
HSD-4900 1.1KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 10800  m3/min = 381398 CFM 75 6 pcs 4.9M(16') 120kg
HSD-4500 1.1KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 10200 m3/min = 360209 CFM 75 6 pcs 4.5M(15') 115kg
HSD-4000 0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 9800 m3/min = 346083 CFM 100 6 pcs 4.0M(13') 110kg
HSD-3600 0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 8500 m3/min = 300174 CFM 100 6 pcs 3.6M(12') 80kg
HSD-3000 0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 6500 m3/min = 229545 CFM 100 6 pcs 3.0M(10') 65kg
HSD-2500 0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 5000 m3/min = 176573 CFM 100 6 pcs 2.5M(8') 60kg
HSD-2000 0.55KW 110-415V / 50-60Hz 4000 m3/min = 141258 CFM 100 6 pcs 2.0M(6') 55kg

Main Components

1. Germany NORD coaxial bevel wheel decelerator with diameter of axle 40MM.
2. German Original Simrit Double Oil Seal, Design for Output Shaft.
3. Shell Omala S4 lubrication oil, zero maintenance for over 20000 hours.
4. Original SKFVL Enhanced Roller Bearing.
5. IE3 High efficiency motor, 10%-15% energy saving than IE1.

Drive System

1. Multi-Speed Adjustment: Supports multiple fan speed settings to meet different environmental needs.
2. Energy-Efficient: Designed for efficient energy utilization, reducing electricity costs.
3. Easy Installation: Simple and straightforward installation steps to minimize installation complexity.

Control System

1. Simulated Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades with High-performance aluminum alloy material.
2. Wing-shaped fan blades ensure the fan's effectiveness.
3. Built-in reinforcement, split rib and full rib combination.

Airfoil-Shaped Fan Blades

1. The chassis wheel provides the main support point of the ceiling fan, ensuring the stability and safety of the ceiling fan during operation, unique double Wheel design.
2. Materials used Hardened aluminum alloy + T6 heat treatment + CNC precision machining. 20-year design service life, maintain durability.
3. Chassis wheel dynamic balance is fully inspected to keep the fan running smoothly without jitter.

Double Chassis Wheel

1. Adaptable to various installation environments and structures, such as K/O/C/L, and other types of installation structures.
2. Made from high-strength steel, providing stable support.
3. Easy to install with multiple pre-drilled screw holes provided.

Suspension Structure

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.

We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.



Large and High Space Installation Case

Install a 7.3m diameter NORDL series industrial ceiling fan in a tall and large factory building with a steel structure.

Large and High Space Installation Case

Large industrial ceiling fans are used in tall and large spaces to create internal air circulation.

Flat-Floor Factory Installation Case

Ceiling fans can also be installed in flat-floor factory workshops with a height of 5-7m to increase air circulation.

Warehouse Installation Case

Install ceiling fans to provide airflow in tight spaces within the warehouse.